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Mo Ibrahim on better international financial institutions

Can We Have A United States of Africa? - Tekedia

Receiving the larger brunt of the world "polycrisis": the converging effects of climate change, the pandemic, Ukraine war and now the SVB mismanagement- it contributed little to, Africa a continent with huge potential will reach her potential when she has proper representation at, and participation in, the global institutions that matter so much to its development.- The Economist.

"Africa is at the sharp end of the global “polycrisis”: the converging effects of climate change, the pandemic and the Ukraine war. None is of its own making. And the polycrisis comes as more than 800m people on the continent struggle to get enough to eat. More than half of low-income countries in debt distress or at risk of it are African. The continent is also home to the ten countries most vulnerable to the effects of climate change, from storms to droughts and beyond–despite its low carbon emissions. On top of this, Africa is the continent with the lowest rates of energy access. Some 600m people lack electricity and more than 930m are without clean cooking fuels."