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My desire - "Liberation of your mind"

Always remember that education is the Liberation of the mind. It removes the hurdles of norms and dogmas, and opens a worldview where hypotheses are tested in our minds.

I just called a distant kinsman who joins those I will support in school this coming October. I dropped some lines with him, refined here for clarity:

"My desire is that when you graduate, your mind will be liberated to serve humanity with decency and honour. If Calculus, Algebra, etc cannot open that mind, to see an unbounded and unconstrained future where your fellow citizens must be considered as you take actions in life, it means we missed the mission. The grace in your spirit towards others, shaped by the liberation of this young mind, will anchor what I am doing to you, you do to someone one day. As you rise, never forget you would become taller. Would others like to be like you? Good luck".