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My New Cybersecurity Book Goes Live

To Tekedia subscribers, we have started uploading contents for my new book as promised. Today, Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics: Policy, Management and Technology goes live.

To make it manageable as it is a tome, we would be posting one chapter per day. It has about 28 chapters.

No extra cost if you are already a subscriber. There are some practicals on malware, penetration testing, and please make sure you take caution executing them. Do not spread virus, and do not use the tools to hack people. I have created all for educational purposes and I expect you to respect and honor that spirit. You would not look good on prison uniform.

Where you do not have confidence to do some of the labs, you can sign up for our Nanodegree program in First Atlantic Cybersecurity Institute (facyber). There, one of my colleagues would be assigned to help you.

Happy New Year. Be Cyber-ready.