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Nigeria is not left out in A.I and Voice Interswitch Lending Service on Alexa

In this modern day and age where AI and voice assistant are taking the fore font of technology, making smart decisions on our behalf and improving the ease of doing some of our  daily task and increasing  multi tasking

Nigeria is not left out .....

Interswitgroup a keyplayer in the Fintech space in Nigeria  are  also at the fore front of technology building some of its payment products into Smart Device and Voice assistants

Interswitchgroup Organized an in-house Hackathon with controlled access to AI and test Environment enabled its Geek guys innovate and create amazing  products  integrating payment into Amazon's  Alexa .

One of the notably interesting builds was the ability  to enable  Alexa to notice when you are low on utility or recurrent payment, access your payment method,  Pay for it and in the event of insufficient fund - Access Interswitch Lending Service  (ILS)

Away from solving issues and day to day task hackathon brings out the ingenuity and creativity and allows us innovate better..


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