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Nigeria Should Send its 5G Infrastructure Bills to U.S.

The Upcoming Trump's BIG Ban on Nigeria – Tekedia

You cannot make this up: the United States government has “offered to pay for Brazil’s 5G roll out if only the South American country will disengage Huawei. Brazil offered hope to Huawei amidst intense attempts from the US to stop its dominance in 5G technology”, as Samuel Nwite reports. So, if that is the new playbook from the U.S., the Nigerian government should begin its 5G rollout and hope the U.S. comes with the big cheque books. Sure, no matter what they call it, 3G, 4G and 5G, most of the parts are going to be made in China. Open your Dell or HP laptop, count the number of “Made in China” components. Yes, if you ban Huawei and choose Nokia, and Nokia sources from China, have you really banned Huawei?

Power, economic dominance, then security. This is largely the order of thinking for the big nations. National security is never number one, forget the ruse. You need to capture power first, then exert economic dominance, you can come back to recite the creed of national security.

Brazil is a key market in the South American region, same with India for the rest of Asia, Nigeria is strategic for African region, but...

The but? We don't have great dealmakers, and we easily get overwhelmed and enamoured at the mention of the US or Europe, so with that trembling feet and fidgeting hands, we quickly forget how strategic the country is, and we become yes men to anyone out there. Even the small Canada, Finland or Sweden can be dictating things for Nigeria.

Last year, Russia called for 'Africa summit', you then wonder the size of Russia's economy that gave it such clout to be calling a summit for an entire continent, but our rulers don't understand. Then France called for its own 'Africa summit', and we lined up to attend. These are average countries, but we keep making them punch above their weights, and they are enjoying the ride.

Nigeria should be the biggest beneficiary from the tussle between US and China, but we are nowhere.