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Nigerian Senate's Virtual Court Bill Is A Good Move

Nigerian Senate Chambers

That is the right thing to do because as at yesterday, the Nigerian law did not have provisions for virtual court proceedings. We expect the new Senate bill to  settle it. The Senate wants to pass a law that legalizes virtual courts. If you think it is a waste of time, I will take you back before the electronic act which gave power on emails as legally admissible exhibits in Nigerian courts. Before then, banks rejected emails or documents sent via emails as courts were voiding them as inadmissible. With this new law, citizens and entities will be wholly confident that no one will challenge a verdict on the grounds that the verdict was done outside jurisdiction.

A constitution alteration bill seeking to legalise virtual court proceedings has been introduced to the Senate.

The bill was one of the few bills read for the first time at the start of plenary on Tuesday.

The Senate Tuesday passed for first reading, a for the legalisation of virtual court proceedings.

The bill titled 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (Alteration) Bill, sponsored by Michael Bamidele (APC, Ekiti Central), is aimed at ensuring the much needed corresponding amendment of relevant provisions of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999 as amended, in giving legal support to virtual court proceedings

As the society evolves, the laws governing it need to evolve too, but the latter most times drags on for too long, as if humans are made for laws, and not laws for humans.

We still need to fix the issue of legislating from the bench, because the supreme court has also created some precedents we may never know their full implications in the long run.

A nation in motion...