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No Need to #DeleteFacebook

It emerged that a data company, Cambridge Analytica, mined data of more than 50 million Facebook users without their consent [not sure how that works anyway]. Facebook knew about it, and kept quiet. The good natured Mark Zuckerberg is troubled with some asking for him to step down as CEO. They reasoned: the guy is just a typical mogul – it is all about the heads of dead famous men (yes, money).

I left Facebook more than three years ago. For me, it did not meet my metric for a knowledge social media platform: inform and be informed. Reading comments on Facebook was excruciatingly painful. Yes, I was not learning. So, I got out.

Facebook would be fine. It has learnt a major lesson. I expect the guys running WhatsApp [Facebook Corp’s best product] to help. The WhatsApp team has been great, providing a platform people like to use to get things done.

The first 5 years of Facebook was under the control of Main Street algorithm. The last three years have been under the control of Wall Street algorithm. Under the latter, it became a den for entities with unlimited credit limit in their credit cards. They out-bided all and Facebook loved them. Today, they have poisoned the minds of Main Street and Facebook is worried. Making amends by prioritizing family and friends posts on feeds was a response to fix a challenged product.

There is no need to delete your Facebook account. It offers real value to connect with friends and families. The key is never share anything that would be embarrassing if Guardian Newspaper publishes it.