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Not Everyone Must Be Techie

Before “Intel Inside”, Intel chips were just like other microprocessors in the world. In a world of slow dot matrix printers, someone coined HP LaserJet, giving that illusion that printing could be fast.

As you pursue your career, always remember that not everyone needs to be a techie. The guy that coined “Intel Inside” transformed Intel and made it the undisputed leader because people actually wanted the PCs and laptops with Intel inside. The world of microprocessor became Intel’s. HP became the printer company.

Before then, Microsoft has pioneered a new way of selling things. Yes, it made it possible that you can BUY something and if you do not RENEW the license, you are using it illegally. That singular legal engineering contributed to the success of Microsoft because enterprise clients were then required to wire it money annually.

Not everyone must code. You have a role in the industry. Just be the best possible you can in what you do today as I noted in this Harvard Business Review piece.