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Obi Cubana

At the wake of his mother burial, many are skeptical about the source of wealth of popular nightlife business mogul and socialist Obi cubana. Some attributing it to a mystic  soap, others chanting "na ritual". This piece is of little concern about morals, because more than any, there is a valuable lesson we could learn from him.

In business model analysis, the nature of source of the wealth hardly matters, rather what matter is what is done with the fund.

Using Bezos estranged wife as case study, she is a divorcee. If she takes the money and turn it in something much bigger than Bezos, we don't care.

Yes, the settlement as startup fund is of little concern to us, rather, we are concern on what she did to dethrone her ex-husband is number one.

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Back to the lesson of Cubana:

The Cubana group is beyond one man, and validate the Igbo Apprenticeship System (ISA) and this can be observed by looking at the bond between Cubana High priest and the Obi himself.

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