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On Visa and Coinbase Pioneering Crypto Card

Visa is working together with Coinbase for a crypto card that will be used in UK. The card will allow customers to “spend funds from your cryptocurrency wallets” anywhere Visa is accepted.  Spending limit is about £10,000 monthly with option to expand to £20,000.

This invites the question of how Coinbase was able to satisfy anti-money laundering and “know-your-customer” regulations. The regulatory environment around crypto has been evolving, and some wallet providers and exchanges now operate with official blessing under specially-devised compliance rules. But most still exist in regulatory vacuums, and criminals who are technically sophisticated can operate wallets without any oversight at all.

That is just amazing, however I though that it's something about Africa not the United Kingdom, but I do hope that technologies will simply be much more integrated at our home than they are now actually is. Let's hope it will be much more sooner.