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Our Journey to 3.95M Impressions on Pinterest in the Last 6 Months

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, our recent journey on Pinterest stands as a testament to the remarkable growth attainable with strategic efforts.

Over the past six months, we’ve achieved an impressive milestone of 3.95 million impressions. But how did we get there? Let’s dive into the data-driven strategies and insights that led to this outstanding success.

Our Data-Driven Success Story

Impressions (3.95M, Increase 80%): Our journey began with a commitment to consistently pinning high-quality content. With 4–6 daily pins, we captured the attention of our target audience and saw an 80% increase in impressions

Engagements (217.26k, Increase of 118%): Eye-catching pins created with Canva and well-crafted descriptions played a pivotal role in boosting engagements by 118%. We made sure our content was visually appealing and accompanied by compelling copy.

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Outbound Clicks (89.04k, Increase 136%): We encouraged a sense of community by following our followers and their followers. Our audience trusted us, resulting in a 136% increase in outbound clicks as they explored the valuable resources we shared.

Saves (10.56k, Increase 109%): Perfect descriptions and targeted keywords made our pins discoverable. Users found value in what we offered, leading to a 109% increase in saves.

Audience (1.72M, Increase 46%): We focused on expanding our reach by engaging with our audience authentically. This effort resulted in a 46% increase in our overall audience.

Engaged Audience (120.07k, Increase of 113%): Interacting with our engaged audience not only increased their numbers by 113% but also fostered a sense of community and trust.

How We Achieved This Succes

Pinterest has 482 million unique users every month, making it the third most popular search engine, after Google and YouTube. Being interesting, consistent, and relevant is the most important thing for Pinterest’s success. Here, we will talk about the strategies that helped us become very successful on this site very quickly.

1. Account Optimization

The first thing we always do is to update the profile, and the profile picture is the doorway to that. Pick a clear, high-quality picture that shows who you are or your brand.

You need to keep the bio captivating so it speaks of what your ideas are. Add a link to your website or blog so that you can easily connect with your viewers.

2. Daily Pinning — Consistency is Key

Frequency: We recognized that consistency is vital on Pinterest. To keep our content fresh and engaging, we pinned 4–6 times daily.

Timing: Timing matters on Pinterest. We observed that our audience was most active during specific time frames. Generally, Pinterest sees high user activity in the evenings and on weekends.

Therefore, we strategically scheduled our pins to align with these peak hours. It’s important to test different posting times to find what works best for your specific audience.

3. Eye-Catching Design with Canva

Visual Appeal: Pinterest is a highly visual platform, so eye-catching design is paramount. We leveraged Canva, a user-friendly design tool, to create visually appealing pins. Our designs featured vibrant colors, clear fonts, and high-quality images.

Consistent Branding: Maintaining a consistent visual style across our pins helped in brand recognition. This included using a cohesive color palette and typography.

4. Optimized Descriptions and Keywords

Perfect Descriptions: Each pin was accompanied by a perfect description. This description wasn’t just a summary; it was a well-crafted message that conveyed the pin’s value. It was concise, engaging, and included a call to action.

Keyword Research: We researched thoroughly to ensure our pins were discoverable. We used relevant keywords in both pin descriptions and board titles. Pinterest’s built-in search function guided us in identifying trending and popular keywords.

Hashtags: We also made strategic use of hashtags in pin descriptions. These helped in categorizing our content and increasing discoverability. However, we limited the number of hashtags to avoid overwhelming viewers.

5. Community Building

Following and Engaging: We actively followed our followers and engaged with their content. This not only showed appreciation but also fostered a sense of community. Engagement included liking, commenting, and repinning content from our followers and other users in our niche.

Group Boards: We joined and actively participated in relevant group boards. This expanded our reach and allowed us to connect with a wider audience.

6. Best Timing and Days for Pinterest Marketing

Peak Times: As mentioned earlier, evenings and weekends tend to be peak times for Pinterest. However, it’s crucial to monitor your specific audience’s activity patterns. Pinterest Analytics can provide valuable insights into when your audience is most active.

Test and Adapt: We didn’t rely solely on general recommendations. We continually tested posting times and days, analyzing the performance of pins to refine our posting schedule. This adaptability allowed us to maximize engagement.

By implementing these detailed strategies, we not only maintained consistency but also optimized our approach for success on Pinterest. Remember that Pinterest’s algorithm and user behavior can evolve, so staying updated and adaptable is key to continued growth on the platform.

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