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Parents Chill Out On Children Career Planning

Always a big issue - parents will want you to study their chosen course. Mine was Medicine. My mother wanted to be Mama Dokinta. But I was not open to that - career must be on electrons and nothing but electronics. Then, she argued, you avoided Medicine because they said it was harder to get in [only my mother could say that to a kid nicknamed - “onwu na-egbu akwukwo”, the death that destroys books].

To prove her wrong, I sent a gift: UNN Medicine & Surgery Admission Letter a day after UNN matriculation, making sure that the document was worthless. I was already in FUTO for my engineering but took JAMB just to assure her that I could get into Medicine if that was my interest.

In this piece, Chinedu makes a case on how parents must chill out and help their kids pursue careers where actions run on passions.

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