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Parents Chill Out On Children Career Planning

Always a big issue - parents will want you to study their chosen course. Mine was Medicine. My mother wanted to be Mama Dokinta. But I was not open to that - career must be on electrons and nothing but electronics. Then, she argued, you avoided Medicine because they said it was harder to get in [only my mother could say that to a kid nicknamed - “onwu na-egbu akwukwo”, the death that destroys books].

To prove her wrong, I sent a gift: UNN Medicine & Surgery Admission Letter a day after UNN matriculation, making sure that the document was worthless. I was already in FUTO for my engineering but took JAMB just to assure her that I could get into Medicine if that was my interest.

In this piece, Chinedu makes a case on how parents must chill out and help their kids pursue careers where actions run on passions.

You cannot be more right on this case. I see it so often that parents try to plan their kids' future how they want to see them. Sometimes it happens before they want their kid to become something they couldn't become. And sometimes it happens just because they are overcontrolling and cannot let their kid go.
I know it's difficult, and I also don't want to think about the fact that one day I will have to let my kids become adults and live their adult lives alone. I took them from Foster Plus and loved them as my own, and it would be so hard to part with them, but I need to do that for their own good.