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“People in Nigeria are getting expired education” - Prof. Gamalier O. Prince

This is possibly a great summary of the state of our educational system in Nigeria.

“People in Nigeria are getting expired education. That is why you see people who studied engineering and are not able to do engineering feat. You see people who studied computer science and are not able to understand anything or diagnose computer language and what have you. This is because Nigeria’s educational system is a dilapidated one.

“The problem of Nigeria began from the citadel of learning and if you want to fix Nigeria, you must fix the educational system. This is because every Nigerian in leadership went through our academic institutions – politicians, scientists and leaders. They were not able to acquire trainings that could be used to advance the course of the country. If our leaders have failed, it is because our educational system has also failed. So, if you want to change Nigeria, change the educational system. So, the mantra of change must begin with the academic institutions and students.”

Vice Chancellor of the University of America, California, Prof. Gamalier O. Prince


Well , everything revolves around human quality, if you have a generation 'fine breeds', their outputs are always impeccable. It goes beyond throwing money around, even if you put the entire national budget into education sector, the impact might still be marginal; you don't give what is holy to the dogs.

When we teach what we do not understand or believe in, I do not see how that type of knowledge could become transformational or liberating. Most of the curriculum isn't fit for purpose, the quality of the teaching staff being below par in many instances.

The greatest institution on earth is human being, and it's humans that make all the respected institutions what they are; not the architectural masterpiece or the technological advancement. So, it boils down to quality of humans in the land, from there we can go on to talk about how we can leverage such in our education sector.