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Read My Vanguard Newspaper Interview

Good people, you know you can read my Vanguard interview online here.

Vanguard: What childhood experience shaped who you have become today? 

Ndubuisi: One of the finest moments I had as a teen was the day my WASC result came out. I set an all-time academic record in school history which remains till today. That made me popular in my village as many big people invited me, congratulating me with gifts. Specifically, Rear Admiral Ndubuisi Kanu (rtd), a former governor of Imo and Lagos states, and Major General Ike Nwachukwu (rtd), a former governor of Imo State, gave me handshakes. Doctors and engineers from cities came to our village house to congratulate me. I visited a neighboring secondary school (Ovim Girls), and students saw me, came out and began singing my name. Through that experience, I quickly knew that if you excel in education, big men would shake your hands and bring you closer. That has been a moment that defines how I see being the best in anything I pursue.

I just read through the interview today. I must confessed how awed I was. Prof sir, you inspire me a lot. Thank you sir. God bless.


Thank you Nwafor.