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Save the Money on Cambridge Analytica


Nigerian govt should save itself the trouble of a new committee to examine the impact of Cambridge Analytica (and Facebook) on Nigeria's 2015 election. Anyone that claims he won election in Nigeria because of Facebook needs a thorough examination. The admission that PDP hired the UK firm explains our problem - anything foreign must be great.

Visit your village on election day, women would do the voting while men would be talking. The only BIG Data that works is the one invented by Governor Fayose of Ekiti - Stomach Infrastructure. The votes move to people that provide them.

You can promise your better energy, water, etc infrastructures, people need immediate stomach infrastructure to make the day. That stomach infrastructure (rice, garri, tomatoes, beans, small cash etc) is the big data, analytics and gbam. Facebook/CA analytics will not work and even if PDP used it, it was a waste of money. Most of the Facebook users are not registered to vote.

Anambra State has a population of about 4.5 million people; 234k elected the governor last year - about 5%. Out of that 5%, market women+church women might have contributed 3.5%, 1% from commissioned thugs/brokers. Those with exposure to Facebook [though not influenced by its adverts or posts] should be about less than 0.5%.

The Nigerian government always jumps on every opportunity to waste money, even when it doesn't even have a decent knowledge of the subject matter in question. What exactly will the committee be investigating: the one it understands the technicalities and sophistication?

There's really no need to embark on another embarrassing voyage, they simply cannot find out anything worth reporting from such exercise.

Security heads raised an 'alarm' the other day, about plans by 'unpatriotic' Nigerians to scuttle the 2019 election, thereby practically admitting incompetence, and asking Nigerians to take care of themselves. Has the government raised a committee on this one? Shadow chasing is gradually becoming the country's major area of competence.

There is an obvious need to unlock voter participation in Nigerian elections. There is much disparity between the voter population and cast votes. I believe technology can play a role here. Seamless voter registration and voting process is essential for this change to happen. Is there a way to make voter registration and election easier, using technology? Deep thoughts needed.