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SEC; Retail Investors Bullish on Heavily-Shorted Stocks

Technically SEC is charging 40% on $AMC #AMC $APE on Loan above the shares outstanding in the max short-able (rehypothecation) amount, In reality, it’s a CLEAR macro price trend that is moving down.

They obviously did as much as they could legally and then hid the rest in shadow banking  practices, The Senate Financial Committee.  Who wrote the GameStop report and then said, “meh, we good.” And moved on. Apparently this suffice why Gary Gensler worked with brokers to delay the CAT system. Can’t have accurate tracking, it would cut into profits from crime.

How can shorting work properly without better regulation? Overshorted Stocks and numerous failures to deliver show that if it did have an actual purpose it’s long gone. And how many Stock markets have done away with shorting?

Throughout the LONG history of stocks, shorting has always been integral to markets functioning properly, Short sellers are the buyers of last resort they add value to the Capital Markets by creating efficiencies in Price discovery and lower costs for buyers . They add liquidity and that’s why despite histories efforts to eliminate them regulators understand their value.

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Apes: Retail investors bullish on heavily-shorted stocks. References a quote from the 2017 movie “War for the Planet of the Apes,'' when the chimpanzee character Caesar says, “Apes together strong!” The message is that by going long on a stock together, the “apes” on WallStreetBets can overcome the short bets some hedge funds have made.

Short selling has been a crucial part of the stock market's healthy functioning for its entire VERY LONG history.


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Paul Ugbede Godwin

Indeed, short selling is never illegal. It makes the market better and more liquid

Paul Ugbede Godwin has reacted to this post.
Paul Ugbede Godwin