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SHARE - More Than A Word

Indeed SHARE. It is more than a word. The growth and accelerated productivity we are experiencing in most parts of the world is because of that word, SHARE. When teams share, companies innovate better. When companies share (win-win), the industry advances faster. When citizens and firms share, nations rise. Through the aggregation business model, the top leading companies in the world (Apple, Facebook, Google, etc)  have found how to make all nations and people to share in their ecosystems, transforming the core element of this message: sharing brings prosperity and growth.


Indeed. As the world experiences increased civilization there is the certainty for intense scarcity, therefore, the need for sharing would arise as that is a prudent way of driving down the individual burden of cost.


Great perspective there on the need to share/

Prof, what your thought on this in line with the new anti-sharing sanction by Nexflix

Netflix is facing real issues but the SHARE here is different from the "share" being promulgated in Netflix.  Netflix was stupid allowing that for years. So, there are different things. Do not do what Netflix did. But Share with your world and communities.

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Emmanuel Awopetu

Alex Stephany, an expert on the Sharing Economy, writes " The sharing economy is the value in taking underutilized assets and making them accessible online to a community, leading to a reduced need for ownership of those assets.”