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Take action, Live your dream

Ken: I am planning to start a business in Lagos.

Chris: That is great.

Ken: But my friend, I am worried because the socio-economic climate is very bad.

Chris: They have been writing that since 1960 and all the people listening died and nothing changed. But the "deaf men" like Dangote, Elumelu, Ovia, Innoson Founders went ahead.

Ken: Chris, Chris, Chris. How many times did I call you?

Chris: Three times.

Ken: I wanted to be sure my ears were hearing well.

Chris: Nothing is wrong with the big ears. Nations do not kaput. Only fainted men and women fade.


That is right - Chris is right. You can see what you want to see - Nigeria will always be. Live your dream and stop waiting for perfect Nigeria.

Some people are even at their best during chaotic times, every weather or season will always be favourable to some people. There will never be a time when all the conditions would be perfect for everyone.

It's a question of plugging in yourself and getting going. No ordinary time!

"Nations do not Kaput."

Capitalism was given Birth by a Vision; The American Dream. The greatness of any Nation is determined by it's commitment to and then the greatness of its Vision. Building a great Business begins by identifying the common Vision... People may fade butvNations do not Kaput; a great Vision will always Speak!

Nice words Chimdi - "Building a great Business begins by identifying the common Vision"