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The Address, Quibi and Civility

Which is a Better Business Model – Quibi vs Tiktok?

This was ideally made for LinkedIn but I like to archive contents on Tekedia.

The address happened today. I am hoping the healing has started. Please let us make it work. Thank you and God bless Nigeria.

Also, let us not attack people we disagree with. I do not encourage attacks here - make your points by focusing on the contents, and not the person. If you must attack, attack only me [I have set my feed that I rarely see them]. I expect such for writing here but do not attack commenters.

Some take those attacks personally; I want everyone here and it would be bad if people are afraid to comment because people would attack them. I had to delete some posts after some people took it among themselves to be attacking members with different views.

Meanwhile, LinkedIn News picked us in the Editors’ picks. I had noted how Quibi was a lousy business despite raising $1.75 billion (with b) with celebrity managers. Quibi has gone out of business!