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The APC's "Bishops"

People, please  leave Senator Bola Tinubu alone for bringing “bishops” to the unveiling of Senator Kassim Shettima  as his running mate for Nigeria’s presidency. Everyone needs their prayers. If you look deeper, Nigeria is really an intriguing nation. Yes, a school teacher will wear the garment of a priest just to make extra money and a bus conductor will morph to become a catholic “bishop”. But this is not just on Senator Tinubu and his team, it is on Nigerians. What we are learning is this: we the people are not ready to change.

Seriously - this needs to be corrected and I hope Mr. President and the party condemn it. The message should be clear and unambiguous: deception is not what we need in the nation now. The APC has a vice president who is a pastor; he could have put on his robes and attended.

Let us keep this election clean. And to the BBC World Service Radio anchor at 4pm New York time today, I get those laughs! Yes, Nigeria innovates in ways no one would have expected: bishops for hire. Of course, you cannot hire real bishops because they are BISHOPS!

Can the police arrest these people?

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