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The Big Edtech Crackdown in China

China Extends Crackdown to its $100 Billion Edtech Sector, Halts For-profit Tutoring

China runs the playbook in a unique way. We are just learning that the government is modulating edtech companies, and turning them into non-profits: “Beijing is taking issue with for-profit companies for stressing out kids while enriching investors and startup founders...Last month, China’s education ministry created a dedicated division to oversee all private education platforms for the first time. That followed a plethora of restrictions, including caps on fees firms can charge and time limits on after-school programs. “

Africa, there are many great things in China’s playbook but there are some we must evaluate before we think of adoption. This one seems like an own-goal as in football. Yet, who can fault China's playbook if RESULT is what matters in this age?