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The Burden of Favors

When favor comes in your life, expect a huge burden associated with that favor. A young lady was informed she would “carry” the Messiah. That was a favor every young lady of her era had wished. But do not ignore the huge burden associated with it.

In families and careers, favors come with burdens. The challenge comes when you expect favors without the burdens associated with them. Out of all the entry level staff, the CEO had asked you to work with him. That is a favor but never miss the huge burden as your performance is no more filtered.

To be a grown-up, not just a grown-old, you must understand the Burden of Favors.

I think that you should avoid taking favours from anyone however close you are to then. If there is need to take favours then you should take it from someone that will not boast about it. There is no replacement for self-respect. So, avoid taking unnecessary favours.

"So, avoid taking unnecessary favours." Words from the zen masters. Wisdom there