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The Dislocation in American Malls

The Empty American Malls – Turning $100 into $120,000 Value in 20 years -  Tekedia

This is how disruption looks and this one is happening in America. Yes, malls are being disrupted and some are finding new uses. Of course, we do not expect this redesign anytime soon in Africa but it is clearly evident that the future of commerce would be digital.

Shopping malls have been in decline for the past several years, and the pandemic only accelerated this trend. As more consumers turn to e-commerce, mall vacancies are growing. Barclays estimates that as much as 17% of U.S. malls are not sustainable businesses, Axios reports. What to do with all that real estate? Some malls are becoming Amazon fulfillment centers, others are being reconfigured into corporate office space. A former Macy's space in Vermont is being turned into a high school.

This should have been foreseen. Human's, when we experience drastic change always settle with the new and easily discontinue the old.

eCommerce, comes with ease, and it's little logical to stick to the old. I was doing a study for a startup CEO, and I found out that Amazon is really pushing hard to kill the use of brick and mortar. With the Amazon Paycode even people who have little trust in digital payment can pay to trusted Western Union agent and whilst receiving the goods in your desired shipping point. So, even the ones with little digital literacy can be served.

A massive dislocation in the market. But it will take long for this to hit Africa in this way. Our supermarkets and malls will remain viable.

True, but that shows we have not mastered digital commerce and it not good indication for Financial Inclusion.