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The Drivers Cooperative

Uber is bringing the booze home – Tekedia Forum – Tekedia

This is a good idea for drivers but not sure it has any chance of becoming a great playbook. Uber and Lyft drivers are coming together to create a rival to the ride hailing giants called The Drivers Cooperative.

Ride-hail giants Uber and Lyft are weathering a driver shortage — and the launch of a new challenger — as demand for their services return. Business Insider spoke to Uber and Lyft drivers who say they're waiting for more people to get vaccinated before getting behind the wheel again, or they've been able to get by with stimulus checks or unemployment. Uber has even launched its own $250 million "driver stimulus" to incentivize their return. Meanwhile, some 2,500 dissatisfied workers are taking on Uber and Lyft by launching The Drivers Cooperative, their own driver-owned ride-hailing service in New York City.