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The Expired Sell Order on old Konga

Yes, I am liking the new Konga. But remember when I asked Konga (the old one) to sell itself. It did it within weeks. Of course, Konga sold to Yudala's parent (Zinox Group).

Konga Should Sell to Jumia

The Nigerian ecommerce market is still at infancy. Someone will make money in it but it will take time. I have noted that growth will begin from 2022. That is the year it will make sense to start an ecommerce business in Nigeria. Many things will align by then. But the companies which are in the market now, they need to find how to survive until market indicators improve. But doing that will not be easy. Kalahari, founded by Naspers, Africa’s most valuable company, exited the ecommerce sector because it felt that it could not be losing money for long, even though it knew that the moment would come one day.

As a technology strategist, the old Konga did something that was very stupid. And I said, if that was the only idea remaining, it has no purpose to live.

Return to that piece if you can. It is a mini-case on how to piece things together to know when a mission is stalled.