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The First Step in Your Business

The most important component in Business Strategy is the FIRST STEP. Without taking that action, nothing happens. Do not over-plan that first step, have confidence and begin to walk. You would learn, and steady yourself as you make progress.

Be like a baby, who one day believed – I would leave the solid bounds of “four feet” and express my unbounded freedom on “two feet”. He overcame – yes, one day. It was not easy, but over time he steadied his balance on two feet.

Then later, having mastered the two feet, he opened the next page: walking. He took the first step, and just like that he is running!

No matter how great the plan is, without the FIRST STEP, it is a waste. Do that with awareness which is critical.

Winning markets comes through awareness. The brilliance of Aliko Dangote happens because of his high level of awareness to link market frictions and opportunities. The same goes for Jim Ovim, Tony Elumelu and others. For these men and others, they do not need to have (directly) experienced something to know the impact of that thing.