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The Legality of Buhari's Directive

This piece on Nigeria's President directive, closing state borders, opens a 1926 Act, to argue the legality of the directive. As typical, I do not summarize lawyers because even "poor grammar" could be intentional. lol.

Like the woman who shouted - "I will wait until  I hear Amen"- to the priest handling church proceedings in Latin in a rural village in Nigeria, I concur with Edwin Monwan, the author, on his conclusion:

In conclusion, I share the same view with the conventional realist, that this is not a point in our national lives where we should test every actions by its legality, but that all hands must come together as one nation, one hope and one people to do everything necessary to ensure that we emerge victorious, because at the end, what counts is the peace of a nation and not the legality of an act that was birthed by a law that did not foresee the manifold situations that may arise in the future.