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The Non-maturity of Nigerian Telecom Sector

From all indications, the Nigerian telecom sector does not show signs of market forces-driven product innovation where customers, not government, shape products and features. I am getting tired of governments commanding telcos on what to or not to do, marginally. My preference would be customer choices shaping how these telcos address market frictions. 

Why should a minister be involved on voicemail services? I never believed in more than 3 telcos in a nation, but Nigeria, with four, looks to be at infancy that a new player can elevate the game as Jio did in India!

The attention of the Honourable Minister of Communication and Digital Economy, has been drawn to the latest trend of financial exploitation by Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) in the country, through the automatic activation of the voicemail service on their platforms. Based on recent reports reaching the office, the practice has gained momentum in recent times.

Our minister certainly has more important matters to be concerned with voicemail services. If markets are working, freely, government would not even need to intervene to stop automatic voicemails if undesirable to users.