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The Ruling in Kano and Nigeria's Electoral Act

Kano High Court Annuls the Candidature of Labour Party’s Alex Otti, Abia State Governor-elect

In secondary school, I played the role of Lakunle in Wole Soyinka’s The Lion and the Jewel. Very magical as a non- English Literature student. But Papa Iyke, the drama master, always asked me to come along as I could memorize a book overnight. This was one of my best scenes as I spoke with Sidi,  “A savage custom, barbaric, out-dated, rejected, denounced, accursed, excommunicated, archaic, degrading, humiliating, unspeakable, redundant. Retrogressive, remarkable, unpalatable.”

Then Sidi asked why I stopped. I explained that I only had the short dictionary but I had ordered a longer one. Accepting none of that, Sidi made her point: forget the grammar, just pay the bride price!

People, the Nigerian judges are in the season. Just a few days ago, they threw the Electoral Act under the bus, and now they want to make us believe they care for the Electoral Act. Would they throw away the presidential election since it did not comply with the Act?


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