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The Wisdom from Nnewi

Be humble and you would never stumble.

Spend time with an Arochukwu/Ohafia (Abia) or Nnewi (Anambra) boy under apprenticeship and see the level of dedication. They build their masters and their masters make them.

Today, Nnewi is the most industrious tribe in Africa and has the largest concentration of millionaires per capita. A land where secondary school dropouts control factories and empires. While we celebrate the founder of Innoson Motors [never attended any university] for establishing the largest indigenous auto plant in Nigeria, he would continue to celebrate his masters.

If you can, attend an Nnewi gathering and watch protocols. You may have made more money than your master, but he remains one to grave. In some parts of Ohafia, you cannot speak in the village square unless boys that served you are progressing. To be recognized, you MUST make them men.

Africa has many tools to deal with our unemployment [outside govt]. Some of those should be institutionalized and modernized.

"To be recognized, you MUST make them men." The institutionalisation and modernisation must start from here,especially in Nigeria, so that we can easily fish out those to be flogged at the village square every morning, for being clueless and wasteful when given opportunity to serve the country.

There are many things we do well at local level, but the demons quickly enter once anyone gets to public sector. Unemployment is just one of them, we are yet to successfully solve any problem since independence.


Absolutely, if govt looks at some of these local processes, we would find solutions beyond what western think tanks are telling us