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The World On Chip

The Great Battle of the 21st Century - Tekedia

The semiconductor supply chain challenge is making it evident on how dependent the world has become on chips. And if the paralysis is not fixed, most sectors would be massively affected.

The supply of semiconductors seems to be getting worse rather than better writes Bloomberg, causing a shortage that is impacting everything from the automobile industry to cash registers and kitchen appliances. Despite efforts to alleviate the crisis, semiconductors can take more than three months to make, meaning that supply cannot keep up with recent demands. The shortage, which began due to supply chain disruptions, threatens to impact millions of people.

Obviously, this is part of the aftermath of the Covid'19. It's blindness that would make you think there would be no damage to the global supply as a ripple effect, even post-Covid'19.

Anyways, it just that Nigeria( Africa) is 200 years behind the world, we would haven be worried that it's shortage would prevent us from making greater strides in our production- at home we produce nothing that would keep the world on stand still.

So, as mass consumers of technology, it's imperative that we start looking beyond our current oil, and start figuring out ways that makes us attractive to the global community, if not Twitter boycotting us would be the least shame we would be experiencing.

On that note, come November, when you stand before this power holders at the union, please if possible kneel down and tell them that we could still have a shot in leading civilization, all they need to do is reconfigure their styles on leadership.