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TikTok has launched Spark Ads

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Nice plans from TikTok and ad agencies will be unhappy. "TikTok has launched Spark Ads, a way for companies to sponsor existing content with the creator's approval. If I made a TikTok about how much I love Coca-Cola, the company could sponsor my video, turning it into an ad with links to the product and extending its reach. The new ad format could be a blow to marketing agencies, which are effectively bypassed as brands turn consumers directly into advertisements", reports Fortune

The interruptive nature of many advertisements is an obstacle for brands. When a user’s journey through a platform or an app is disrupted, the favorability they feel for the brand is negatively impacted.

On a fast-moving social platform like TikTok, where the short-form nature of the content is one of its key selling points, that interruption can feel much worse. To avoid that, and to capitalize on some of the strengths of the app and social creation in general, TikTok has launched its new global native advertising format Spark Ads.