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Today is UNN Day in Nigeria!

UNN (University of Nigeria Nsukka) owned today’s news: the day of electric car in Nigeria. To universities in Nigeria, there is a lesson here: do something people can see if you want good press. Yes, things people can see and touch. If not, the press will not care. Yes, you can write the most advanced software to help Police fight crime through intelligence gathering, no one will care. But make something physical, all the leading media organizations will fall in line. This shows the level of our tech development and technology journalism.

We remain a traditional society, forget the hype about our progress and advancement, nothing is mainstream yet.

If you tell your people you own shops here and there, they are likely to see as a serious person, rather than telling them you are a software engineer or consultant; to them you are not hustling enough...

It's also why paper money will continue to dominate our commerce, because we want to have a 'feel' of the money; the ones flying electronically doesn't feel much like your own.

For universities, to be taken seriously, you must solve real life problems, in ways that are tangible and quantifiable too. Publishing papers on reputable journals won't be enough, because those things remain meaningless to ordinary citizens. So a blend of intellectual and physical progress is needed, that's how you can earn free press here.

I think a portion of the glory goes to the former VC. The administration of Prof. B.O Ozumba was the beginning of innovation and Technology in my school. He fully supported the engineering faculty and tech-based ideas so well that I, medically-inclined began to admire them. He built the biggest modern tech hub in Enugu (Roar hub) at that time and made it free for students to participate, pitch their ideas and receive funding to start up, all free. We worked in collaboration with switzerland tech gurus who came occasionally to teach in the hub in a bid to reproduce more P.N Okekes.

In his administration was when Nigeria first generated electricity in a large scale from waste dumps plus many other investments. This is the second electric car coming from us, though. I'm not surprised that the car was named after him, he deserves it. Also, worthy to mention, I am proud to be a Lioness. 😁