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Update: Technical Error Note On A Published Article

Note: there is a (legally) technical error in a piece published a few hours ago in Tekedia by a contributor. Unfortunately, I repeated the same error myself. It was on the trademark infringement suit between Simi and Victor Uwaifo. Largely, in any place you saw “copyright”, update to “trademark”. The learned people here brought us, the lay people, to order - I thank them.

It was an unforced error; the mind was processing “trademark” even though “copyright” was written. All the arguments remain, and I call founders and startups to pay attention, on how this trademark legal battle plays out in court. To help the community, I have linked where you can understand the differences between “copyright” and “trademark”. Apologies for the confusions.

Trademark Law in Nigeria – The Sir Victor Uwaifo’s Suit Against Simi on ‘Joromi’