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US Supreme Court Saves Social Media!

The Negative Impacts of Social Media - Tekedia

Social media companies were saved by the United States Supreme Court, and they live before the next court case. Of course, the ruling is the right thing to do. Simply, there is no way you would expect any online platform to efficiently moderate millions of users effectively. While we expect them to do better, we cannot punish them blindly when bad things happen.

Both decisions made by the Supreme Court on Thursday "mark a triumph for social media platforms," said Bloomberg, after the high court rejected claims that Twitter and other social media websites helped a group claiming responsibility for a 2017 terrorist attack by allowing them to recruit and train on their platforms. The Supreme Court also dismissed a related case alleging YouTube and other platforms forfeited protection under Section 230 — frequently called the internet's "most important law," which allows websites to moderate user speech and content — by using algorithms to recommend terrorist content. The move, "cheered by the technology industry," sends a signal that these firms stand largely protected from lawsuits over third-party content, according to The New York Times.