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What is Symphonic Innovation?

Finally, we are going to put my book, Africa's Sankofa Innovation, on Kindle (digital and paperback). The reason is simple: the Tekedia subscription continues to be dominated by readers outside continental Africa (more than 90%). Possibly, by having it on Amazon, more people can read.

I am updating the book which was launched September 2017. That has been the goal - to have a book that is updated regularly (yes, a living book). In the book's Innovation Box, we have added Symphonic Innovation which is explained thus.

Symphonic Innovation is innovation that is not domain-specific, but is anchored on a unified and harmonious approach in the deployment of technology components to accelerate productivity gains and cushion competitiveness. With Symphonic Innovation, you do not deploy and launch for one technology area like blockchain only to be tripped by AI or big data; you launch with a mindset that these technologies are like extended musical compositions which must be carefully organized to make the orchestra an unforgettable experience.