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Where The Jobs Are Right Now - World Economic Forum

Amazon Delivery Drone Details Sound Cool

These are the main rising opportunities across many markets during this pandemic, notes the World Economic Forum. Yet, it is important to note that logistics drones have disappointed. One would have expected to have seen companies like Amazon deploy drones to deliver packages. Unfortunately, despite the risks, humans are still doing the deliveries. That lack of mass deployment of drones in logistics is a missed opportunity to take the technology mainstream.

1. Online shopping and robot deliveries
2. Digital and contactless payments
3. Remote work
4. Distance learning
5. Telehealth
6. Online entertainment
7. Supply chain 4.0

We are working on something at scale for number 6, but the devil is always in the details...

For the online shopping and delivery to happen,  it means that factories and manufacturing are working, else there wouldn't be anything to buy, let alone deliver. And for factories to work, it means that farmers, miners and other suppliers of raw materials are working too, else there wouldn't be anything to manufacture or produce. Then the energy companies, because for our gadgets to be alive 24/7, it means that energy people are working too, same goes for telcos.

Again for medical professionals to work confidently, it means that the equipment manufacturers and drug makers are working too, else there's really nothing to do at the hospitals. This also includes telemedicine, because prescription will require physical drugs.

Whenever we fail to connect these dots properly, the society collapses.

That is why no country can completely shutdown for even three days.