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Why Huawei is Disrupting Telecoms

Huawei poland

To Disrupt, you need to create a new basis of competition. Huawei is doing just that by offering two things simultaneously, as Techcrunch captured in a newsletter summary of this piece: "low-cost, high-performance networking vendor". Since Adam Smith wrote his classic, the Wealth of Nations, centuries ago, whenever a nation figures those two combos out, they take over the world! We are living China right now.

While U.S. government officials celebrate what they must consider to be a win in their battle against the low-cost, high-performance networking vendor Huawei and other Chinese hardware manufacturers, the country is at risk of falling seriously behind in the broader competition.

For sure it's no wonder that America are not inventing or producing that much in the last 20-30 years or so. And others will outperform it very very soon. Here I mean mainly China and that's it really. Everything in the world now producing here totally.