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Why You Should Consider Local Hosting

This commentary demonstrates the value of local hosting. Layer3.cloud, founded by my undergraduate classmate in FUT, Owerri, remains a huge option in Nigeria. With Layer3 Cloud, you have data sovereignty as the data is stored in Nigeria. Explore the startup and SME packages. If the cost is high for you, let me know - I will get you a better price. Yes, all I need to do is this: “Great Futoite, I need help for this company”, and because we are united by FUTO’s technology for service, he will roger affirmative.

Following a series of subsea cable outages, internet connectivity got degraded in 12 African countries including Cameroon, South Africa, Ghana and Ivory Coast. The cables systems which are called WACS and SAT3/WASC lie in the Atlantic Ocean and connect South Africa and many other African countries to Europe. While the cause of the outage is unknown, South Africa's Vodacom says a ship has been sent to fix the problem. Operators including MTN sent messages to customers in Nigeria and Ivory Coast apologizing for network disruptions. However, no one can confirm when the problem will be resolved. Consumers in some countries are sharing their frustration with the disruptions on social media. (TC Daily)