Four Skills You Need for Post Covid-19 World

Four Skills You Need for Post Covid-19 World

Four skills that will give you an edge when competing for that job are flexibility, adaptability, critical thinking and problem solving. Nothing has really changed, pre- or post-Covid-19. These factors have remained important for employees to advance in their careers. But with the global paralysis where a man who has used chalk for 20 years is asked to use a tablet to teach students, adaptability becomes critical. Yes, it goes beyond who is really smartest but who can adapt in a time of massive dislocation.

The ongoing global health crisis has changed the way companies do business, shifting the skills they find most desirable. LinkedIn members are offering their thoughts in the latest edition of #GetHired on what skills job seekers should highlight to potential employers during this uncertain time. More than anything, flexibility and adaptability are important in the new work environment.

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One thought on “Four Skills You Need for Post Covid-19 World

  1. The problem is that after saying or reciting these skills, when it’s time for action, people do the complete opposite.

    The mind is what needs liberation and reengineering, once you succeed there; many things are pretty straightforward.


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