Foursquare for Africa – Location Based Service And Social Network Morphed

If you have used Foursqaure, you will like it or hate it depending if you are an extrovert or introvert (yes, those stupid English we hate to love in schools).  But everyone will agree on one thing – it could be a good tool for advertising companies. That is why Africa needs its version. Ebot Tabi delivers via Goefeed. Knowing where people are to give them the products they need has a lot of promise in this age.


According to  him Geofeed was “developed after seeing the need for a service that provides reliable information about business places as well as localities across Africa”. is a Location Based Service and Social Network looking to perk up your social life and connect with friends while on the go, see where they are and communicate with them. Share and discover events, favorite places and special money saving locations around you. makes it easier to share & discover places with point of interest nearby you and many more. It is a personalised recommendation service for the physical world.


As users interact with on their mobile phone or the website, to share and discover recommendations, learns about the user, personalising those recommendations. One user might see a good rating for a bar, another user a bad rating for the same bar, depending on the taste of that user. This all happens automatically.


Twitter: @geofeedme
Location: Buea, Cameroon
Founded: 2010

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