FUTO Alumni Innovation Hub Partners with Tekedia Institute

FUTO Alumni Innovation Hub Partners with Tekedia Institute

We just concluded a partnership with FUTO Alumni Innovation Hub. Full details next week. Through this partnership, FUTO alumni, partners, associates, etc will receive enhanced innovation support from Tekedia Institute on our services, including Tekedia Mini-MBA, Tekedia Advanced Diploma, Tekedia Innovation Week, and Tekedia Career Week.

Also, the Hub also becomes a Gold Partner and people can register for Tekedia Institute services via it. To learn more about Tekedia Institute, click here – https://school.tekedia.com

We are already working with hubs like Problem Space in New York but this is the first one where we will focus on deepening capabilities with an alumni community of a university.

It would be a learning experience for us here at the Institute. And it is natural that it is FUTO, Africa’s finest university, because I graduated from FUTO!

Great FUTOites, the Greatest of the Greatest – can you hear me now?


Click to register for Tekedia Mini-MBA (June 7 – Sept 1, 2021): online, self-paced, $140 (or N50,000 naira). Full curriculum here.

Click to join Tekedia Capital and build Next Africa with min of $10,000 co-investment in startups.

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