Futures of Technology in Africa – Africa Is Growing The Seed of Change

We received a copy of this book from the author. It is a great work.


Sub Saharan Africa is undergoing a period of rapid technological change. The mobile phone is the first infrastructure, that affordably and reliably reaches all corners of the continent. Data and money transfer networks piggy-back on this development. But fundamental changes also take place in other technology intensive sectors, including energy, transport infrastructure and agriculture. These changes will fundamentally affect the activities of all societal players, including businesses, governments, academics and NGOs. Technology will be an enabler for more efficient markets, for spreading and collecting information, for trading, and for accountability. However, not all changes will be positive. The same technology is likely to have disruptive effects as well and ICT will be put to very bad use.


Table of contents

Chapter 1:

21st Century Africa

Chapter 2:

African futures studies

(by Geci Karuri-Sebina)

Chapter 3:

Exploring technology futures

Chapter 4:

Africa will be flat

(with contributions from Ben White and Gertjan van Stam)

Chapter 5:

Energizing Africa

(with contributions from Birthe Paul and Janneke Brouwers)

Chapter 6:

The road less paved

Chapter 7:

Seeds of change

Chapter 8:

Too many futures

(with contributions from Wambura Kimunyu, Njoroge Matathia,
Tonee Ndungu and Sheila Ochugboju)

Chapter 9:

Technology in context

(with Sheila Ochugboju)

Chapter 10:

Learning from Africa

Chapter 11:

A guide for the future

Bonus chapter:

A Kenyan Science Fiction story – The Last Infirmity Of Noble Minds

(by Wambura Kimunyu)



















You can download this book and watch the video here.


Author: Jasper Grosskurth

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