Home Community Insights GetBundi Launches Educational Platform To Equip African Youths With STEM Skills

GetBundi Launches Educational Platform To Equip African Youths With STEM Skills

GetBundi Launches Educational Platform To Equip African Youths With STEM Skills

GetBundi, a digital educational platform designed to deliver high-quality, engaging, and accessible science, technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) courses.

It also offers English language education courses, science, technology, and innovation (STI) Digital skills across Africa.

The platform was recently unveiled in Lagos with a target to refocus Africa’s education towards STEM and digital skills which is an effective way to equip the youths with necessary digital skills, which will lift millions of people out of poverty.

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According to Experts, they disclose that Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics education (STEM) is the bedrock of any meaningful or sustainable economic growth and development across the world.

Unfortunately, Africa lags, as the region is still playing catch up in STEM education with less than 25% of African students in higher education studying STEM-related career fields.

GetBundi has set out to change the narrative with the launch of its educational technology platform that will equip a large percentage of youths in the African region with STEM and digital skills that will no doubt close the huge gap.

The CEO of GetBundi, Mr. Osita Oparaugo disclosed that the launch of this platform came from an understanding which he observed that only countries with STEM-enabled citizens can achieve meaningful development, because STEM education encourages creativity, problem-solving, innovation, and critical thinking, all of which are high-demand skills needed in this 21st century.

Mr. Oparaugo cited Singapore as a case study where the country used science and technology to transition from an underdeveloped country to a developed country, all of which was possible as a result of the critical role science and technology played in these advancements.

Therefore, with STEM education, in the coming years, Africa would be able to match up with these developed countries, especially when one considers the innovativeness and resilience of the African youths.

GetBundi is said to currently host over 1,008 hours of audio-visual content, covering different subjects with no intention to replace the traditional method of teaching in schools. Rather, they will supplement and aid these youths/students in continuous learning, which is also for out-of-school students/homeschoolers.

The platform is working earnestly to include three years of JAMB, IELTS, and TOEFL revision classes, as well as science, technology, and innovation skills on its next product deployment.

This is a commendable initiative from GetBundi to ensure that a reasonable amount of Nigerian youths are well equipped with the necessary digital skills. In today’s digital world, having a digital skill is a prerequisite for a beautiful career.

Unlike the obsolete curriculum that most schools in Nigeria use to teach students which is void of digital skills, GetBundi is ensuring to fill that vacuum to ensure that these students don’t miss out on digital skills to be able to compete with other youths in developed countries.

These days, it is not just enough to possess a degree, rather it must be accompanied with digital skills for one to be able to navigate easily in today’s digital world as well as their career.

This innovative learning will no doubt equip these young ones to be entrepreneurs, rather than job seekers. It will also give room for an innovative society that will positively impact the country’s economy.

The arrival of the fourth industrial revolution has necessitated the prioritization of digital skills. Digital skills are no doubt now required more than ever, to stay relevant and competitive in the global economy that is majorly tech-driven.

It has become imperative for a sustained investment in digital skills to support the shift in career opportunities driven by digitalization for long-term economic growth, and GetBundi is actively working towards ensuring that these youths are well equipped with the necessary digital skills to take up relevant digital jobs across the globe.

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