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Getting Through Russia’s Elections in 2024

Getting Through Russia’s Elections in 2024
Figure 2: Confidence in political leaders and electoral rating of political parties Source: Russian Public Opinion Research Center, 2023


The Russian Federation has held seven presidential elections since the role of President of Russia was established in 1991. The country will have its eighth presidential election in 2024. Under President Vladimir Putin’s leadership, Russia has exhibited endurance in the face of economic hardships, international sanctions, and isolation. President Putin, a visionary political leader, has guided the country through crises, demonstrating that nations can weather the storm of global sanctions and isolation with the correct measures.

Despite the obstacles provided by sanctions, isolation, and the pandemic, President Putin’s crisis leadership style has received plaudits from a variety of local and international groups. Despite hurdles, the pillars used to judge his national and global success have stayed consistent from 2020 to the present. President Putin’s skillful handling of internal political intricacies has promoted solidarity among political and economic elites, resulting in greater economic well-being for both citizens and outsiders.

Russia has shown economic resilience in the face of sanctions and greater isolation. President Putin’s careful allocation of the country’s resources to sectors with significant benefits for Russians and allies across the world has been critical in sustaining economic stability. Despite Western isolation, Russia has maintained connections with governments around the world, increasing its network of allies. Putin and his staff have skillfully handled the socioeconomic environment, keeping it under control, through vigorous diplomatic measures targeted at mutual advantage.

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Notably, two prominent Russian sociological centres, the official Russian Public Opinion Research Centre and the private Public Opinion Foundation, came to the same conclusion about Putin’s widespread support among Russian residents. Their analysis agrees on one critical point: if President Vladimir Putin declares his intention to compete for re-election, no plausible rival will emerge.

Figure 1: Like to see Vladimir Putin as a president of Russia after the expiration of his current presidential term, after 2024?
Source: Statista, July, 2023

A survey conducted in June 2023 indicated that approximately 70% of 1,634 Russians, primarily those aged 18 and older, wanted Vladimir Putin to be reelected as the country’s president in 2024, when his current term would expire. This represented a four percent reduction from May 2022, but a significant 21 percent gain from September 2021. Furthermore, between September 2021 and June 2023, the percentage of individuals opposed to Putin serving another term substantially halved.

President Putin’s stanch backing shows a solid endorsement of his leadership and programmes. The decline in opposition over time reflects a greater acceptance and approval of his leadership. This degree of popularity demonstrates Putin’s ability to navigate the complexity of global politics while maintaining stability in the face of external threats.

As Russia approaches its eighth presidential election in 2024, the landscape is marked by a political environment where Putin appears to have a firm grip on public opinion. The combination of economic resilience, diplomatic finesse, and domestic political acumen positions President Putin as a formidable candidate. While challenges may persist, Putin’s double-edged national-geopolitics strategy seems to be steering Russia toward continued stability and global influence.

Figure 2: Confidence in political leaders and electoral rating of political parties
Source: Russian Public Opinion Research Center, 2023

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