Ghanian NandiMobile Aggregates and Makes Sense of SMS for Customer Service

Gripeline is a customer support web application with which companies can communicate with their customers and receive customer feedback. It aggregates and organizes all customer feedback sent via SMS and presents all customer messages in the company’s Gripeline account. This product was developed by NandiMobile.


Gripeline provides businesses with smart intuitive tools to efficiently and effectively respond to customers questions from the online dashboard available in the Gripeline web application.


Nandimobile Ltd is a young and vibrant technology startup in Ghana. The company was founded in July 2010 by three graduates of the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology – a school set up by the Meltwatergroup to train and mentor young entrepreneurs in Africa. Nandimobile is currently supported by the Meltwater Group incubator facility which provides the necessary support and funding to enable a successful launch of the business.


Nandimobile’s objective is to leverage the high global mobile penetration rates to create mobile customer service technology that enables businesses to connect to their customers through their mobile phones and easily engage, inform and manage their customer relationships.

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