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NandiClient is a Ghanian Built On-Demand SaaS Suite for Customer Management

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Nandiclient an on-demand software as a service suite, which provides businesses with effective tools for delivering customer support and information services to mobile phones of customers via SMS and WAP channels.

The suite currently consists of the following tools and services:

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Gripeline is our award winning customer support solution for businesses. It allows businesses to receive and manage customer feedback, comments and questions; which customers send using their mobile devices.


Gripeline empowers businesses in Africa to provide customer support channels that take advantage of high mobile penetration levels in Africa; with Gripeline businessses can easily monitor, analyze and respond to customer gripes and needs.


Infoline is a marketing Software Service that enables businesses to make their business information accessible to the customers via SMS or WAP on their mobile phones.


With Infoline businesses can now promote their business, keep their customers informed abut their products and services, and also monitor customer behaviour with analytics and reporting tools. Infoline also offers businesses the ability to serve contextually relevant advertisement to customers.


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