[Giveaway] MacX MediaTrans is Ultimate iTunes Alternative for iPhone Data Transfer with Mac

[Giveaway] MacX MediaTrans is Ultimate iTunes Alternative for iPhone Data Transfer with Mac

I got a new Mac two weeks ago, and that created a new challenge for me: how to transfer many contents which I have on my iPhone and iPad into the new Mac. This is necessary because moving photos, videos, music and other files from the mobile devices to Mac helps to clear storage space. I checked online on how I could do this effectively at the least possible time. Thank goodness, I found a solution: MacX MediaTrans.

MacX MediaTrans is an iPhone manager for Mac. It does this better than iTunes I must note. Yes, the product interface makes the whole process seamless. In the past, I had used iTunes but after using MacXTrans, I can report the following benefits and why you should try it – it is simply better than anything in the market today.

MacX MediaTrans delivers fast file transfer speed and it is also easy to use. It makes it possible to sync contents bi-directionally, from iOS devices and Mac and that implies you can move contents from your iPhone to Mac and vice versa. One thing I found very useful was the selectivity which enables the capacity to select only the files you want to transfer without having to transfer all files. By having that feature, MacX MediaTrans delivers faster speed and that means saving of time. It also ensures that you preserve space by having only the things you want moved.

More so, ove the time I have used this product, I have not experienced any error as it fixes iTunes errors effectively. It is a delightful piece of engineering which supports transfer of videos in MKV, FLV, AVI, WMV and more besides the regular ones accepted by iTunes. As you do this, you would experience elite auto compression technology with capabilities to auto compress large 4K, HD video files to save iPhone space, and auto convert video format for iOS. There is nothing comparable in the market today to what you get from these features.

Across all nexus, MacX MediaTrans delivers quality even when you are transferring non-iTunes music files. Yet, none could be as useful as the ability to turn your iPhone as a USB to save Word, to Excel, PDF, dmg, apps, ibook, etc, securely. That is how impressive this solution is and you need to test it.

All Together

With these benefits, I certainly think that you would like to explore MacX MediaTrans as you plan your backup strategy for many iOS mobile devices. Interestingly, there is a giveaway by the product creators at the moment. Yes, this Christmas giveaway will give you a license key of MacX MediaTrans for free, and you can use the solution to experience the magic of great engineering. You need to hurry as the offer lasts till Jan 10, 2019. Get it today and say goodbye to space woes, data loss, lengthy syncing, and other iTunes errors or restrictions.

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