Zen Phones in Nigeria, thanks to Glo 25k calls

Glo has a great package which was introduced recently.

Globacom said it made the 25 kobo per second charge a flat rate which applies for all local calls irrespective of which network is being called or time of day or which part of the country the call is originating from.

A new package also allows subscribers to call one Special Number at only 2 kobo per second. Interestingly, no daily or monthly rental is charged to enjoy the very cheap rate. The subscriber, however, has an option of registering 5 Glo numbers which he can call at 18 kobo per second. Again, registration is free and there is no rental charge.

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Innovation is hitting up in Nigeria’s mobile ecosystem.

That is why Zen phones have crept into the country to compete. With the largest consumer market in the black race, Nigeria is on roll in the mobile world.  The 6 Zen Mobile phones series launched include the X 381, the X410 , the X430, series; the M20, the Z66 Qwerty and the Z82 Qwerty series. For the comapany, the phones are affordable, have Quality, trend and was ready to fight for position with well known brands like Nokia, Sonny Ericsson, LG, Samsung among others.

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